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5 Way Push to Seat - Smart Coil IGN-1A Connector

5 Way Push to Seat - Smart Coil IGN-1A Connector

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5-Way Push to Seat Connector Kit for IGN1A Ignition Coils

There is now a solution for manufacturing a professional wiring loom for IGN1A coil connectors.


Advantages Over Pull-To-Seat Version

  • integrated backshell so boots or heat shrink can be used to seal the connector
    • see straight and 90 degree options below
  • push to seat terminals more intuitive to use
    • no more crimping the terminal on the wire and realising the wire needs to go through the housing first 
  • easier to heatshrink up to the back of the connector housing during wiring loom production


Please note that Aptiv do not make this connector housing.  We have had to source the housing elsewhere, but the kit is supplied with genuine Aptiv terminals and seals (not Chinese copies).



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