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Franklin Performance

Copper Washers

Copper Washers

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Metric copper washers. 

Grade 110 high purity copper.

  • M6 - 6mm Insidex 11mm Outsidex 1mm Thick
  • M8 - 8mm Insidex 14mm Outsidex 1.00mm Thick
  • M10 - 10mm Insidex 14mm Outsidex 1.0mm Thick
  • M12 - 12mm Insidex 18mm Outsidex 1.5mm Thick
  • M14 - 14mm Insidex 20mm Outsidex 1.5mm Thick
  • M16 - 16mm Insidex 22mm Outsidex 1mm Thick
  • M18 - 18mm Insidex 24mm Outsidex 1mm Thick

Sold as a pack of 10.

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