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Davies Craig

Davies Craig EWP115 (Alloy) & Controller Combo (12V) DC8950

Davies Craig EWP115 (Alloy) & Controller Combo (12V) DC8950

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EWP115 Alloy / LCD Digital Controller Combo (12V) - Part No: 8950

Take total control of your engine cooling with the Davies Craig EWP®115 Alloy Electric Water Pump and LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller. The Controller will also manage the operation of your Thermatic® Fan. 

The EWP®115 (115 litres per minute) pump is suitable for small, medium, large, high-performance and 4WD vehicles. It’s a performance accessory that improves engine cooling control and capacity whilst giving you more power and torque and improved fuel economy.

Mechanical belt-driven water pumps run directly off the motor and sap engine power … the EWP®115 is hardwired into your electrical system, by-passing the engine and releasing up to an additional 10kw (13hp). Combined with the LCD EWP® / Fan Digital Controller, the pump continues to run after you’ve switched off, eliminating “heat soak” and extending engine life.

Davies, Craig’s revolutionary, Australian-designed EWP® pumps are made from anti-corrosive, lightweight Alloy reinforced with fibreglass. Universal fit allows for easy mounting into the bottom radiator hose. Our kits come with easy-to-understand DIY instructions and everything you need for easy installation, including different adaptors to fit various hose sizes and all necessary electrical wiring.

The EWP®115 and LCD EWP® / Fan Digital Controller Combo Pack is the most economical way to increase horsepower and save on fuel consumption whilst caring for your engine.

The Davies, Craig EWP® header adaptor kit can replace the mechanical water pump completely. 

The world’s most advanced total engine cooling management


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