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Davies Craig EWP150 (Alloy) & Controller Combo (12V) DC-8970

Davies Craig EWP150 (Alloy) & Controller Combo (12V) DC-8970

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The compact EWP®150 alloy unit is manufactured with AN-16 ORB internal inlet and outlet fitting for neat, tight screw-in fitting applications. This rugged alloy hi-flow electric water pump is designed to complement or replace the engine’s existing mechanical water pump. This essential performance part increases power to
your vehicle’s drive wheels and improves coolant temperature control.

The EWP®150 is a universal, do-it-yourself, easy installation fitment to engines up to seven litres. By removing the parasitic power losses of belt-driven water pumps, the EWP®150 releases up to 10kW (13hp) of extra power, increased torque and fuel savings. Combine it with the LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller and the pump continues to run after you’ve switched off, eliminating “heat soak” and extending engine life.

The EWP®150 and LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller Combo Kit is the most economical way to increase horsepower and save on fuel consumption whilst caring for your engine.


Technical Specs:


Operating voltage 3V DC to 15V DC Voltage range 12V DC to 29V DC
 Maximum current 10A @ 13V Display LCD size 64.6mm (2.54”) x 55.6mm (2.19”)
Flow rate (max) 150L/min (39.63 US gal/min) @ 13V DC Maximum current 12Amps
Operating temp. -40° to 130°C (-40° to 266°F) Warning alarm High & low Temp., Above set temp., Sensor short circuit, Pump error, High & low voltage and Sensor open circuit
Pump design

Clockwise centrifugal with volute chamber

Targeted (set) temperatures Singular degrees from:
40°C (104°F)to 110°C (230°F)
Pump weight 1,170 grams (2.6 lb) Memory Set & targeted temperature
Pump material Aluminium (Powder Coated) Fan cut-in temp. 3°C (5.4°F) above the targeted (set) temperature
Burst pressure 500 kPa (72.5 psi) Controller type PCB with micro-processor
Seal Ceramic face seal Sensor type
Thermister in housing

Self Priming

No, none of our pumps are self-priming

Fits hose size

35mm to 51mm (1.38” to 2”)

Overrun/ shutdown -10°C (14°F) below set/target temperature or 3 minutes
Indicators Temperature, power, EWP, test, fan, high & low temp, voltage, above set temperature (with alarm)
Internal Fitting -Inlet & Outlet: -16AN ORB Weight 100 grams (3.5 oz)
Push-On fitting Size

EWP Inlet & Outlet 38mm

  • with 3mm Sleeve (#8510) 44mm
  • with 6mm Sleeve (#8511) 51mm

Length = 98mm (3.8")
Width = 95mm (3.7")
Depth = 25mm (1”)

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