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Davies Craig

Davies Craig, Transmission Oil Cooler Kit, 23 Plate Hydra-Cool, 3/8" Hose Size

Davies Craig, Transmission Oil Cooler Kit, 23 Plate Hydra-Cool, 3/8" Hose Size

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The Hydra-Cool® transmission oil cooler is an effective & economical way to keep the transmission at its optimum operating temperature. High efficiency turbulators in each tube direct the fluid for superior heat transfer. Hydra-Cool's® unique plate & fin design allows for effective cooling, yet requires 33% less space.

The Hydra-Cool's® compact design is perfect for applications of 4.2L Engines and over where available mounting space is limited.

  • 100% pressure tested at 150psi for quality assurance
  • 33% more efficient than a comparable tube and fin design
  • Pre-drilled mounting plates for easy installation
  • Internal turbulation for efficient heat transfer
  • 3/8” (9 mm) push-on fittings for quick and easy installation
  • DC-623 Components:
  • Cooler Core x 1
  • 3/8" Hose x 1 (1.4m)
  • Hose Clamps x 4
  • Quick Fit Kit Nylon Ties x 4
  • Detailed Instructions
  • DC-623 Core Specifications:
  • Thickness 20mm
  • Width 247mm (Core)
  • Height 200mm (Core)
  • Inlet/Outlet 3/8" (9mm)
  • Number of plates 23

Is this product for you?
Modern automatic transmissions can be excellent when driving around town, giving the driver the ability to focus on traffic rather than gear changes. However, modern automatic transmissions can also be very expensive to replace, even on the simplest of cars. Normal driving at constant speed is fine for these gear boxes, but towing large loads or frequent stints in stop and go traffic can quickly take their toll and do irreversible damage. That’s where the Davies, Craig Hydra-Cool transmission oil cooler can help.

How easy is it to use?
The Davies, Craig Hydra-Cool transmission oil cooler is a small item that looks almost like a radiator. It is designed to attach to a modern automatic gearbox and allow fluid to flow through. Once fitted, the movement of the car forces air through the fins of the cooler, dramatically reducing temperatures of the gearbox. At a colder temperature, the transmission fluid can then do its job properly; cleaning, lubricating and cooling the vital transmission components.

Where can you use it?
The Davies, Craig oil cooler kits come with the most commonly required components needed to mount the kit, however some additional mounting equipment may be required for certain vehicles. Still, for anyone who is mechanically minded, it’s a fairly easy thing to install at home, and also a common job for any workshop. The reason it’s so common is because with modern caravans and gearbox technology, more and more clubs around Australia are strongly recommending the purchase and installation of transmission oil cooler. It’s not just for towing large dual axle caravans though, even when pulling small trailers, driving in the sand, carrying heavy loads of holiday luggage or even driving through the city, a transmission oil cooler can really help extend the life of the automatic gearbox.

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