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Haltech iC-7 Colour Display Dash

Haltech iC-7 Colour Display Dash

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Haltech iC-7 Colour Display

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With a crisp, clear and full colour display, the all new Haltech iC-7 Display Dash lets you see things in a brand new way. Designed and manufactured in Australia with motoring enthusiasts in mind, the iC-7 offers market-leading features in a unique, state-of-the-art package. Featuring auto-dimming ambient light reactive brightness, user-programmable multi-colour shift light bar, the iC-7 connects directly to all current Haltech ECUs via a CAN network.



  • Ideal replacement for individual analogue gauge clusters.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • User adjustable brightness control with automatic dimming.
  • User configurable channels, units and alarms.
  • 14 programmable, seven colour shift light LEDs.
  • Controlled via easily accessible, face-mounted control buttons.
  • Configuration via Haltech iC-7 software and USB cable.


The iC-7 is compatible with Haltech’s Platinum, Elite and NEXUS ECUs as well as a range of other aftermarket ECU brands:
MoTeC M1 series
MoTeC hundred series. (M400,600,800 “gold box” ECUs)


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