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Link ECU G4X SUBARU WRXLink (7-9) - WRX9X Plug-in ECU

Link ECU G4X SUBARU WRXLink (7-9) - WRX9X Plug-in ECU

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Free yourself from the constraints of the factory ECU. The Link G4X WRXLink (7-9) WRX9-X PlugIn fits the Subaru WRX & STI V7-9. The ECU PCB fits discretely inside the original factory enclosure. 

Installation of Link's Subaru WRX9-X ECU is a breeze - no alteration of the factory wiring loom is required. A built-in connector (or pins in some models) provides additional inputs and outputs such as oil pressure inputs or anti-lag / logging switches. 

Factory features are supported - see Features for any exceptions. 

Includes variable cam control.

Suitable for Subaru 2001-2007 models.

MAP Sensor not included.


The PlugIn ECU is capable of the following features, if the car it is being used in can support them.

Engine configurations are pre-set into PlugIn ECUs with a "start" base map.

Engine Configurations

1-12 Cylinder Distributed

2-12 Cylinder Wasted Spark

1-8 Cylinder Direct Spark

Odd Fire Engines

2-Stroke, 4 Stroke and Rotary Engines

Configurable Firing Order

Configurable TDC Points (for odd fire)


8 x High Current Injector Drives (suits high impedance injectors)

8 x Auxiliary Outputs (All PWM capable). Aux5-8 can control Stepper Motors and drive High or Low

11 Digital Inputs (All capable of reading frequencies up to 10kHz)

+5V Out

+8V Out

4 Temperature Inputs (Configurable pull-ups on ANT1&2)

12 x 0-5V Analog Inputs

2 x Trigger Inputs (Reluctor, Optical or Hall Sensors)

On Board Baro

3 Axis Accelerometer



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