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Proflow EFI 1,000HP External or Internal Fuel Pump (BOSCH 044 style pump)

Proflow EFI 1,000HP External or Internal Fuel Pump (BOSCH 044 style pump)

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The Proflow 380LPH High Flow Bosch style fuel pump is suitable for all EFI applications. Utilising the 044 style body with a -10AN inlet and -8AN outlet (built in check valve). This pump can be used internally or externally. The use of exotic fuels such as E85 and alcohol will reduce the life of the pump. The current drawn will be between 9A (40PSI) and 17A (120PSI).

Due to the tolerences of the roller cell, it is recommended that a pre-filter is fitted.


  • The Proflow EFI pump is more affordable when compared to the Bosch 044, yet it still manufactured to exacting standards
  • The Proflow EFI pump is confidently E85 compatible
  • The Proflow EFI pump is supplied with its own wiring plug kit including terminals and boots. These are not supplied with a Bosch pump, or many other aftermarket pumps for that matter
  • The Proflow EFI pump is also supplied with fittings, whereas with a Bosch pump these are typically extra – costing anywhere from $20 - $40
  • The Proflow EFI pump has a built in check valve. Consider that throughout the entire Bosch Motorsport fuel pump product line the check valve is unfortunately part of the actual outlet fitting meaning that it is typically removed for almost any installation. The issue with this is it leaves you needing to spend another $30-$50 on an external check valve.
  • Designed to be compatible with all 044 compatible brackets, which are common and cheap
  • Massive 380LPH flow rate making it able to handle higher horsepower applications
  • 12 month warranty
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