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Short Coil Stalk for Nissan VR38 Coils

Short Coil Stalk for Nissan VR38 Coils

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Short coil stalk for Nissan VR38 coils to allow a more compact installation of the VR38 coil in an aftermarket application.??

The shortened coil stalks are very high quality products that we CNC machine from??a dielectric material at our factory in Napier, New Zealand. They??are available in white only.

We have three lengths available:

  • the 11mm version suits our Nissan RB coil bracket kits (Non Neo)
  • the 19mm??version suits our Nissan RB Neo coil bracket kits
  • the 6mm version suits our Toyota JZ coil kits.

This listing is for one short coil stalk.

We also manufacture complete coil bracket kits for Nissan RB engines, Toyota 2JZ engines & Mazda 13B engines. Please have a look at our other??listings.

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