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SPAL - 10 Inch Puller Straight Blade

SPAL - 10 Inch Puller Straight Blade

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VA11-AP8/C-29A - Spal Puller* Fan - 12V

Air Flow
- 643 CFM / 1090 m3/h (Straight Blade)
- 70W / 5.8 Amp max. Draw

- 268mm / 284mm
Mount Holes:
- 142mm wide / 247mm high (6.5mm Hole Diameter)
Overall Depth:
- 52mm

Specifications & Features:
- OEM Manufacturer, Made in Italy
- Low Noise, High Efficiency
- Motor Life span (6,000-8,000 hrs)
- Water and dust proof motor (IP68)
- Temperature range to guarantee optimal performance from -20 to +80 Deg Celcius.

*NOTE: Spal Fan Blades are NOT reversible.
The application must be determined for the correct fan choice.

Spal Fans are NOT supplied with Mounting Feet,
these are sold separately - see below for available options

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