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VCT Cam Gear Adjustment Plate for Nissan RB25DET

VCT Cam Gear Adjustment Plate for Nissan RB25DET

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This part enables you to fine tune the inlet cam timing on a Nissan RB25DE or RB25DET engine with VCT, commonly found in R33 and R34 Skyline vehicles.

The standard VCT Inlet cam gear is built with slotted adjustments but must be removed to access the adjustment bolts, a major job.

With this plate installed the bolts are able to be accessed from the front of the VCT cam gear, allowing you or your tuner to fine-tune the inlet cam timing without disassembly.

The kit contains all parts required and instructions for fitting the adjustment plate.

The adjustment plates are manufactured from high grade engineering steel and zinc plated for corrosion protection.

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