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Walbro - 255LPH External Fuel Pump ( Genuine Walbro )

Walbro - 255LPH External Fuel Pump ( Genuine Walbro )

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Walbro GSL392* Hi-Flow Gerotor EFI Fuel Pump - 12V


- High Performance Motorsport and Race Car Applications including
Turbo & Supercharged engines.
- Suitable for External In-line Mounting and use with In-tank
feeder pumps - or use on it's own Externally.

" This is the ultimate Fuel Pump for HP
Street & Race applications !...Use it in-line to work in
conjunction with in-tank pumps or use it externally inline
by itself. Can support over 550 HP with the correct lines,
injectors, and fuel rail. It is very quiet in comparison to
other external pumps that cost 2-10 times more, and it
flows just as well too !"

- 13.5V @ 40PSI = Flow rate 255.0 LPH approx. (Ref Graph)
- 13.5V @ 50PSI = Flow rate 246.0 LPH approx. (Ref Graph)
- 13.5V @ 60PSI = Flow rate 227.0 LPH approx. (Ref Graph)

- OEM Proven, Lightweight and Compact Design to QS9000 Std.
- M10 Internal Thread Inlet and Outlet
(12mm Fitting) - Supplied with Fittings
- 6-32UNCA Threaded Electrical Terminal Studs
- Quiet Operation and Low Current Draw

- Overall Length: 162.0mm
- Body Length: 114.0mm
- Body Diameter: 43.0mm
- Weight: 17.4 Oz

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