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Walbro - 460 Fuel Pump Kit

Walbro - 460 Fuel Pump Kit

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Genuine TI Automotive / Walbro 460LPH Fuel Pump to suit Unleaded & E85 in tank applications. Comes with installation kit including fuel pump, wire harness, and pickup filter as pictured. Genuine, locally sourced directly from an Australian distributor.

This is the entry level fuel pump for a Nissan Skyline and we believe should be the MINIMUM size pump you should install, based on your setup these pumps can support anywhere between 340kw-380kw at the wheels, after that point we highly recommend upgrading to the Walbro 525 or the Walbro 535 Fuel pump.

The Walbro 460 fuel pump has a very quiet operation and low current draw.


    • Common names: Walbro 450, TIA485-2, GST-450, Walbro 465, 400E
    • Flow rate: 415lph @ 13.5v (3 bar)
    • E85 Compatible: Yes
    • Max current draw: 22A (15A average)
    • Body Diameter: 39mm / 50mm
    • Length: 131mm
    • Fuel Outlet Diameter: 11mm OD (10.8 – 9.1mm)
    • Pressure Relief: 87psi 
    • Check Valve: Yes (Inbuilt)

     Walbro/TI Automotive Part Number: F90000267

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