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Walbro Ti Automotive Fuel Pump 400LPH High Pressure (Universal)

Walbro Ti Automotive Fuel Pump 400LPH High Pressure (Universal)

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Walbro Part Number: F90000262
Type: Universal Intank Fuel Pump
Fuel: Gas
Horsepower: 500HP+
Flow Rate: 400LPH 


Disclaimer Notice:
Please take note this pump is designed for modified vehicles with
over 500HP ONLY. Vehicles in which this pump is to be installed in
should have upgraded supply and return fuel lines, upgraded
pump wiring to support the high current draw, and upgrades to
the vehicle fuel pressure regulator. This pump is NOT designed for
use in a stock or lightly modified vehicle with less than 500HP, the
use of this pump in that type of application can result in severe
drivability issues and/or damage to the vehicle.


Comes with Universal Fitting Kit

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