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8AN Braided Hose (1.0m Length)

8AN Braided Hose (1.0m Length)

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Discover the strength and flexibility of our 8AN Braided Hose specifically designed for your high-temperature and high-pressure needs. Crafted with a double stainless steel braid covering an elastomer inner tube resistant to oxidation, this premium hose assures longevity and performance. The impeccable construction resists up to 1000 PSI working pressure and withstands temperatures ranging from -73℃ to +260℃. Whether dealing with petrol, synthetic lubricants, hydrocarbon fuels, or liquid coolants, our versatile hose caters to a plethora of fuel and oil line demands. Available in a 1.0m length, priced per metre, and customizable to your length requirements, RE-WIRES NZ offers you the flexibility and quality you need for your projects.

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