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Bosch Knock Sensor with Connector Kit

Bosch Knock Sensor with Connector Kit

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Donut style genuine Bosch knock sensor

Bosch knock sensors are highly accurate and sensitive to detect engine knock, ensuring efficient performance and long engine life.

  • High precision even under extreme conditions
  • Linear signal over large frequency range
  • Mounts with 8mm stud or bolt
  • EV1 / Junior Timer / Mini Timer / Bosch electrical connector
  • Connector not included - see related products or click here
  • Works with all aftermarket knock sensor systems including Life Racing, Motec, Link, Haltech
    • not recommend for replacement on a road car engine running the OEM factory engine management unless this is the exact sensor in the OEM application
  • OEM fitment to many Porsche models

This is a universal ‘wide-band’ type knock sensor rather than a resonant type which is tuned to a particular engine’s knock frequency of interest. In technical terms this means that the sensor’s resonant frequency is above 20kHz with a wide pass-band to give a relatively flat response over a frequency range between 3kHz and 15kHz. This allows this sensor to monitor either the fundamental knock frequency or 1st harmonic for most engines.

Don't risk your engine to a similar priced Chinese copy knock sensor.

Ensure you understand how knock control works for setup and critical engine failure may result from incorrect software setup

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