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Mazda MX5 - Ignition Coil

Mazda MX5 - Ignition Coil

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Mazda MX5, MX5 Roadster - 1.8L BP Eng. - 04/1995 - 07/2000

Mazda - BPE8-18-10XB, BPE8-18-10XC,
Mazda - BP4W-18-10XA**, BP4W-18-10XB**
Hanshin - DSC-500B (x2), DSC-501

Note: Must use complete assembly - coils not available seperately.
** NOTE: The Brackets on some coil packs are slightly different for 1998-2000 models. Must remove coil packs and re-use in old Bracket Assembly.

Genuine OEM
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